HJF works with schools to incorporate the benefits of bike riding, bike safety, and basic maintenance skills into existing curriculum and special programs. We provide student handouts, teacher guides and online learning materials. HJF volunteers and staff give on-site presentations and courses to students and teachers and encourage interest in after school and community-based HJF certificate programs. Certificate holders are eligible for internships with local bike shops with the opportunity to earn work-study credits from high schools that award them.

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BIKE BUILD AND MAINTENANCE EDUCATION PROGRAM β€” For those interested in learning bike repair for work-study or as vocational training, HJF teaches hands-on courses where students learn to build and repair bikes in a series of classes and workshops after school and during breaks. Those who successfully complete the program and pass practical tests earn a certificate and eligibility to work on donated bikes and for the Bike Shop Internship program.

LEARN TO RIDE –In urban environments it is important to provide safe places for kids to learn to ride a bicycle and to promote the joy and freedom riding can offer young people. In closed parking lots and in other safe locations, we teach kids to ride. Students can bring their own bikes and helmets to learn, or borrow them from HJF. For those who have learned the most basic riding skills, we will organize group and family rides on easy trails.

EARN A BIKE β€” Participants who complete safety training, mechanics training, and contribute service to others can earn a bike, lock and helmet of their own. Service can include working on donated bikes, mentoring new students, assisting instructors, assisting at group rides and helping keep HQ neat and organized.

BIKE SHOP INTERNSHIP PROGRAM β€” Due to the growing popularity of bicycling, area bike shops are often in need of capable mechanics and technical staff. HJF is enlisting area bike shops to accept pre-trained, entry-level interns for a fixed term. Interns will build on the mechanical skills they learned from HJF educational programs, gaining work experience and valuable life skills. Bike shop owners will get the help of enthusiastic, trained staff at a modest rate and the satisfaction of increasing access to the cycling community at the same time.