Dorothy I. Height Elementary School After School Bike Club

Fola Riding A Tandem

Fola had never tried to ride a bike. She wanted to learn, but she was a little nervous. Bright idea: Gain confidence tandem riding with Dr. Sharpe

Now in it’s second year

HJF’s initial presentation to the fifth grade class at the Dorothy I. Height Elementary School in the Petworth neighborhood, gave students a chance to meet our staff, and raised awareness of the benefits of bike riding. Although few owned bikes, and some had never even ridden, a whole new world opened before them, even the opportunity to own a bike. Kids and teachers were enthusiastic, and the After School Bike Club was born!

HJF volunteer mentors meet weekly with fifth grade students.

  • Students gain confidence and overcome their fear of riding with the encouragement of their mentors, teacher and classmates.
  • They learn and practice safety skills riding on bikes provided by HJF
  • Students learn how to take care of a bike and the A B C’s of bike maintenance
  • Students are encouraged to write in their Club Journal and share all their experiences and thoughts about bike riding

At the end of the program, each student will get their own bike, helmet and lock to keep.
Bike club boysBike club



The HJF after school program has multiple, complementary goals:

  • Empowerment by learning a concrete, hands-on skill
  • Independence
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Exercise and fresh air
  • New skills to last a lifetime
  • Economical and environmentally sound transportation

We ask ourselves “What can I do as an individual?”
Well I can tell you, you can do a lot!

With your help, HJF can expand the EARN A BIKE program and get more kids on bikes. Join Team HJF!