Randi Park


Founding Board Member Emeritus

Randi Park is a digital publishing consultant to a regional WHO agency, following on a successful career with the world’s largest international development organization. As a young person, she was influenced by her experience with Hull House, a Chicago non-profit, and with the Hull House art and music camp in East Troy, Wisconsin. It was at Hull House where she was first exposed to racial and socioeconomic diversity, and where she first immersed herself in visual arts and dance. These interests led to her publishing career, love of art and flexible yoga practice. Randi believes that Happy, Joyous and Freewheeling can have a lasting impact on the lives of young people. She will do everything in her power to make it possible for HJF to be a positive force for instilling a healthy lifestyle and habits, spreading the joyfulness of outdoor recreation, and providing opportunities for employment to those young people who can benefit most.